Harlem Media Group Is Lead By Award-Winning Executives

donvoza Harlem Week 2019


Executive Team

Executive Team

Don Fryson

Don Fryson Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for Business Administration, Contracting, Fiscal Management and Oversees Marketing & Sales

Voza Rivers

Voza Rivers Executive Producer

Responsible for Event Planning, Production / Co-Production; Ambassador for Global Projects; Handles Project Negotiations

Shawn Shearer

Shawn Shearer Executive Vice President

Responsible for Business Planning & Development; Day-to-Day Operations, Information Technology and Support

Danny Tisdale

Danny Tisdale Vice President Sales

Responsible for Corporate Sales and Recruitment of Project Sponsors

Joyous Pierce

Joyous Pierce Director Community Development

Responsible for Community Networking, Marketing and Sales; Community Development; Social Media and Project Management Support

Marko Nobles

Marko Nobles Director Public Relations

Responsible for Radio and Press Relations and Affiliate Media Development