Harlem Media Group, LLC (HMG) is a service organization headquartered in New York City that provides advertising and market development services.

The organization was formed in 2019 by esteemed executives who have been collaborating on projects for decades. Harlem Media Group has increased capacity to secure desired advertisements made possible by aggregating millions of impressions.

HMG raises sponsor dollars on behalf of projects produced / co-produced by its for-profit and nonprofit associates; and, garners needed community development support.

Harlem Media Group strategically yields a win / win / win for all interests involved.


Deliver maximum exposure to advertisers and sponsors in urban consumer target markets — while helping to empower global arts, entertainment and media companies.


Plan and Implement Campaigns Utilizing Cross-Media Platforms and High Profile Events

Aggregate 500 Million Impressions+ Annually Which Provide Maximum Exposure to Advertisers and Program Sponsors

Popularize Healthy Lifestyles Through Participation in Joint Initiatives

Empower Nonprofits By Increasing Capacity to Generate Revenue Stream Through Special Events, Conferences and Tours

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